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Dr Donald Munro

Dr Don Munro
Dentist BDSc. (Melb) LDS

Don Munro graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1972 and began working in Bundoora, where he has worked exclusively, apart from a short time working in the UK and in some Voluntary Projects in Kiribatie and the Kimberleys in Australia.

Don has always had an active interest in dentistry and has enjoyed constantly upgrading his skills and knowledge though professional development education. He has a particular interest in occlusion and the retention of worn dentitions.

Don believes that dentistry today is much less invasive and stressful for patient and dentist alike to achieve outstanding results.

Don is married and has 4 adult children, 8 young grandchildren and enjoys his pets.

Don plays golf, exercises regularly, enjoys the theatre, reading and travel. Don is also a member of the Rotary Club of Rosanna.