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Teeth Whitening

For a confident smile

At Bundoora Dental Clinic we love to see our patients smiling. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring your teeth are carefully looked after and that optimum dental health and hygiene is maintained. 

Sometimes teeth can be stained or discoloured from the food or drinks consumed and therefore some people feel embarrassed to smile.

Teeth become discoloured for different reasons:

• drinking coffee, tea, red wine and any other dark coloured drinks

• some antibiotics may darken teeth in developing children

• ageing - the dentin underneath the enamel of the tooth gradually darkens with age

• use of tobacco products

• accidents - if a tooth is traumatised, sometimes the nerve can die

• after root canal treatment a tooth will gradually darken.

For a brighter and more confident smile, many of our patients have their teeth whitened to provide that extra sparkle and look of clean, healthy teeth.

Teeth whitening is a process that restores stained or discoloured teeth to a healthy, natural colour.

The whitening process involves making a tray to custom fit your teeth. Then a safe whitening agent is applied to your teeth. 

Each of our patients is different so we spend time with you to discuss your particular treatment options. 
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