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TMJ - Jaw Joint Treatment

Do you have jaw discomfort or jaw locking?

TMJ disorders affect many people at some time during their lives but most symptoms are only mild and do not need treatment. Symptoms often go away with time, however sometimes the symptoms of a TMJ disorder can be severe and require treatment.

The dentists at the Bundoora Dental Clinic will listen carefully to you and will thoroughly examine your mouth and jaw joints to make an accurate diagnosis. They will then prepare a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

There are many different symptoms and treatment options available that should reduce your pain, improve your jaw function and enable you to resume your normal daily activities.

It is always preferable to start with the most conservative treatment option first to try to relieve your symptoms. Occasionally other healthcare professionals or specialist referrals may be required.

For more information about TMJ please speak to your dentist during your appointment or contact our friendly staff on 03 9467 3733 to make an appointment for an examination of your jaw movement.