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Bundoora Dental Clinic
Treatment Information

At Bundoora Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves not only on the professional treatment you receive, but also on the care and time we take to understand your dental health needs. At your first appointment your permanent record will commence, beginning with the completion of a patient information form. 

Once we understand your dental and health history, we will provide a dental examination to determine the treatment you require. We will thoroughly examine your mouth and there may be the need for x-rays or other tests to assess susceptibility to decay or gum disease.
We will also examine your bite to see if it is causing any problems inside your mouth or tension in the head and neck region. Occasionally we may need to take impressions of your teeth to assist with more detailed planning of your treatment.

We care about communication and will discuss your treatment and the results of your first examination with you prior to commencing any treatment. You will be provided with a treatment plan which may include options and fees.

Our aim is to provide you with the information to enable you to make informed decisions about your dental health.

Our fees are determined by the complexity and type of treatment required. Accounts will be rendered at each stage of treatment and prompt payment on the day of treatment is expected. You will be able to immediately claim a health fund rebate if you have private health insurance.

Please feel free to discuss your treatment with your assigned co-ordinator or if you have any other questions please call 03 9467 3733.